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At Divine Goddess we believe that many people not only want to feel good from their practice of yoga but also want to look good in their yoga clothes. read more... read more

With this is mind, in the yogic epicentre of Australia at Byron Bay, we have created the stunning and eye catching products that make up our funky yoga clothing range, made especially for you. We not only have a large range of yoga clothes but also have a range of yoga supplies and accessories.
We are proud to introduce the innovative and magical mandala yoga mats, sure to increase the joy and wonder you feel with your practice of yoga. Mandalas help to centre and calm the mind.

Not sure what styles of yoga pants and tops are going to suit your body or activity type? Have a look at our Yoga clothes breakdown where all is revealed.

Buy Yoga clothing online and get great deals

Our Yoga clothes online are made from different fabrics such as cotton stretch, rayon stretch and the fantastic fabric supplex and include women's yoga tops, shorts and tights. Supplex is a new innovation in yoga wear in that wicks perspiration away from the body, keeping the practitioner cool and calm. Adorned with beautiful symbols to permeate the soul and assist any yoga practice, our clothing will make you smile.

Read more about our fabrics here - Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing Fabrics

Australian Yoga clothing for your modern life

Yoga is an age old magical practice that fits this modern day perfectly. Here at Divine Goddess we are very passionate about yoga and the benefits it bestows. We are also passionate about having fun, feeling good and looking great. We are sure that you will also agree with us once you have taken a trip inside Divine Goddess and spent some time in our world.

We feel sure that as you peruse our cool, magical and funky range of yoga clothes and accessories online, with everything from yoga eye pillows to mala beads to help you relax, you will be filled with the same sense of love and passion that we felt whilst designing them for you.

Providing FREE shipping across Australia on orders over $100, for all your yoga supplies needs shop online here at Divine Goddess and become the goddess you were meant to be.


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