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Australia's First Choice Yoga Store Online

At Divine Goddess, we live and breathe yoga. We want to inspire and empower others to take care of their well-being with the practice of yoga. For nearly twenty years, we have grown and developed our family-run yoga store and provide our customers with high-quality apparel and yoga accessories that improve their practice.

As an Australian yoga brand, we pride ourselves on not only providing our customers with quality but also taking care of our planet. In everything we design and manufacture, we consider where our materials have come from and how the products are made. We source ethically and sustainably from our clothing and accessories, right down to our packaging. We know that it can be a struggle to find beautiful, stylish and functional yoga clothing and equipment near where you live. With our online store, that difficulty can become a thing of the past. We offer delivery throughout Australia, and we can also offer international delivery so everyone can benefit from our range of yoga supplies.

An Exciting Range of Yoga Mats

When it comes to finding yoga mats, you do not have to settle for boring or a product that causes harm to the environment. Our mats are environmentally friendly, along with giving you a high-performance mat. A yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment for yoga. It gives you a space to carry out your different poses, and it provides you with a non-slip surface as you move your hands and feet into different positions.

While we do not think that it will take long for you to learn that you love yoga, you will probably want to invest in your own yoga mat. This way, you know you are the only one who uses it, and you do not need to worry about the other mats in the studio not being clean.

Our yoga mats are wonderfully unique, and you can pick up a stunning design from our website that sets you apart from the crowd. You can choose from biodegradable mats that can be buried when they reach the end of their life and not end up in a landfill.

We also have plenty of other eco-friendly mats, including our magic carpet yoga mats that are beautiful and functional. Made from recycled plastics and other natural fibres, these stylish mats will bring the wow factor.

Cool and Comfortable in Our Yoga Clothing

Whether you practice yoga daily, weekly, or somewhere in between, it is important to have clothing that is up to the task. Our yoga clothing is stylish, comfortable and practical, so you can get into those trickier poses and know that your clothing is supporting you.

Like our other goods, we use sustainable and ethically sourced materials to create our range of clothing, and there is something for everyone. You can find crop tops, hot yoga pants, yoga leggings and more with styles, colours and patterns to suit you. You want to be comfortable in your clothing because yoga requires you to move and stretch into various positions. You also need the right support from your clothing, and our range has been designed and tested by yogis, so you can be sure that it will be everything you need.

We have also thought about the materials that our clothes are made from. They are breathable, so even if you sweat, they can help you stay cool. Whether you are doing hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga or another style, make sure you have the right clothing.

Get Ready to Take Your Yoga to the Next Level With Our Yoga Gear

As you develop your practice of yoga, our yoga gear is here to help enhance your performance. You can take what you have learned in your classes and continue at home with our range of yoga props.

From cushions, bolsters, blocks, wheels and more, you can deepen your poses. We sell different shaped bolsters, including round, rectangular and half-moon. Our blocks can improve your alignment and practice. We also have yoga straps that help you move into positions that would otherwise be too difficult. They are useful for a variety of different poses.

Accessories, Accessories, Acessories

Our yoga accessories are available to give you a wholesome yoga experience. Choosing the right accessories can help transport your home into your private yoga space where you can practise each day and reap the rewards.

We have CDs, DVDs, books, candles and incense. Our range of CDs can help you block out any distractions focus on your yoga. If you want to improve your technique, why not choose from our DVDs and books to further your understanding?

If you would like a convenient way to carry your yoga mat to your classes, you will find yoga bags and carry yoga straps at great prices. You can easily take your yoga mat with you and have someone neat to keep it at home when you are not using it. Our towels can be used to mop your brow and stay comfortable during intense yoga sessions, and don’t forget our beautiful water bottles that keep you hydrated.

Shop With Us Today and Find Your Inner Goddess

If you are looking to buy yoga supplies, make sure Divine Goddess is your first choice. Our high-quality items can help you get the most from yoga. When you spend $99 or more, your delivery will be free. We think this is a great excuse to browse the store and think about what you need or want! If you do not spend this amount, we will calculate your shipping costs at the checkout, so you never pay more for delivery than you have to.

In the unlikely event that you want to return your items to us, you can do so and receive a refund or exchange. Please make sure all items are in a resaleable condition. For more information, check out our Returns page. We look forward to seeing you soon and bringing light and love to your yoga practice.

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