Golden Luna Yoga Mat 5mm


The Gold Luna Mat is a stunning High Performance Yoga Mat!  We crafted this one with beauty and High Performance in mind when we designed this one for you!  Natural Tree Rubber for the bottom layer combines with Polyurethane for the top layer to give you the most excellent grip on the planet!

The Golden Luna Phases design is simply stunning!  We commissioned our in house artist to create this divie print for us.  All of us are affected by the energy of La Luna, the Moon Goddess and this Yoga Mat is our way of welcoming in that energy.

The cushioning is amazing so for those of you with sore knees this is a must!

The Grip is the ultimate and we recommend for hot and sweaty practices.  Such a beautiful Yoga Mat!

The Gold Luna is bigger than most Yoga Mats so you have room to flow and shine!

68cm x 183cm x 5mm

Bottom layer Natural Tree Rubber

Upper layer Polyurethane

Hand drawn Luna Phases design

2 kilos in weight

Amazing grip

Free Yoga Mat Carry Strap

Excellent cushioning


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