Inspiration behind my designing ~ My Yoga Practice

I really connected with my yoga practice after the birth of my first child, my daughter, Bimini.  It was during this initial period of first time motherhood that the heavens opened, the angels started singing and I found my way to my yoga mat.

Whilst this period was an amazing time for me, full of first time miracles, it was also incredibly challenging for me in so many ways.  My body had changed and I wasn’t confident in this new body.  I had so much to learn and the place I was living in felt like a completely new world.  So many new things to negotiate and I had a new baby to do it all with.

I found myself uncertain of what to wear and how to move my body with my divine baby by my side all day, every day.  Most people speak to you when you are pregnant about the birth and then that’s it, they don’t talk about post partum and that’s where I think the mamas need the most help.

So I eventually made my way to my yoga mat and found some peace.  When I say peace I really mean it.  Practicing yoga during this time gave me so much.  I found a place where I could just be myself, even for 10 minutes.  This was miraculous and I recognised that on my Yoga Mat was where I could cultivate my new sense of self.

So I struggled to class as much as I could.  I discovered Mysore Ashtanga Yoga and realised almost instantaneously that this was my sacred practice.  Im still practicing this beloved form of yoga all these years later.  My daughter is about to turn 21 and I believe that I will be an old granny still practicing this craft I adore. 

To find a sacred practice at this early stage of my life was a complete blessing.  I understood that this was something I could do at any age and any physical ability and the courage to inhabit my new self grew.  Hooray, I was going to make it.

But, I wasn’t loving the yoga mats that were on offer at that time.  In those days it was just the old PVC Yoga Mats available and I felt badly that we were filling up landfill with those ugly Yoga Mats.  I wanted to make some ourselves and spoke with Gil, my husband and business partner about this. 

“Let’s make some baby, I really think we can do that”. He agreed, seemed a bit crazy as no one else was doing it but I had a dream…..

So we began.  It took us a long time to find the right manufacturer who offered all the qualities we were looking for.  We were wanting to work ethically and as sustainably as we could, even back then.  Wasn’t easy.


But we began and you all loved it!  I tested the Yoga Mats out myself in my Ashtanga Practice.  It’s the perfect way to test a yoga mat.  My practice takes me 2.5 hours and I stretch and move and flow for this whole time.  Practicing like that 4-6 times a week for 3 months is how long I take to test each new material that joins the family.  3 months is a minimum for a new material.  I loved it, you loved it!

Our Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Collection we launched for you in 2015.  It was such a great time and you and I loved these Yoga Mats.  So good!

The Eco Luxe Starburst was our first Deluxe Yoga Mat we created for you.  I adored the design of this one.  Created by a Byron Bay artist for us, it is very beautiful.  But not only is it beautiful it is Eco Friendly!  That’s what I wanted for all of you.  A Yoga Mat that was kind to the planet whilst offering a High Performance practice.

The base layer of the Eco Luxe is crafted from Natural Tree Rubber which is amazing and the top layer is made from a Microfibre Suede that is crafted from Recycled Plastic Bottles!  Incredible. 

I loved these 2 Yoga Mats as soon as they arrived.  Practice wise they were amazing, but the beauty they brought to my practice I adored.  I love that whatever Pedicure I do I can find that colour somewhere on the Starburst Eco Luxe Mats.  Small details are what bring you to the mat regularly over time.  Match the toes darling, keep up your practice.

This is just the beginning of my story, I have so much more to share with you but for now, give our Eco Luxe Yoga Mats a try.  Feel the love and joy we have designed into them.

Yoga can be a lifetime practice, if you’re lucky.  We believe that beautiful Yoga Mats and Accessories will keep you on the mat and practicing.  We love our business and believe in you.  See you on the mat!

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