Yoga has helped to me change and improve every aspect of my life.

Everything about me has become more positive from my dedicated and regular yoga practice. I am a kinder, softer and stronger woman. Most importantly, I am a better mother, this is the best change of all.

I practice Ashtanga Yoga 4-6 times a week. With devotion and sincerity. This means that 4-6 times a week I need something to wear for my practice. I began by wearing my old things, whatever I could put my hands on. As my practice grew in strength and flexibility it became clear to me that this was a sacred and stunning practice. When I am in the centre of myself, breathing with awareness, my heart is glowing, I feel like I inhabit my true self. Calm, happy and forgiving.

This practice that has helped me to change my life and become a better person is a thing of beauty.

I need clothing to reflect that beauty. So I began the search for appropriate attire. Something that firstly, keeps all my bits in. There is nothing worse (well actually there is, but it is pretty annoying) when you are in class and on the first downward dog you realise that your bossoms are falling out in every posture. I need everything to stay where it is, belly in and boobs covered.

So I found items that could do this but were they beautiful? They were not. They were sporty. My yoga practice is strong and needs clothing that can handle it but where was the beauty I was thinking.

I began to make my own. People began to notice what I was wearing and asking for some for themselves. Yummy, I thought. Divine Goddess was born.

We are now approaching 10 years of business.

10 years that have seen my practice grow and thrive and now my business also. Lets not forgot the children, 2 of them that have changed my life as much as my yoga practice. We all cohabit this life together. Yoga, children, devoted and delicious husband and now Divine Goddess as our primary means of support.

I could not be happier at the position in life we find ourselves. I design and then test vigorously every piece that joins the Divine Goddess collection. If these pieces can handle the strong and testing practice that is my yoga then they can handle nearly all other yoga and exercise pursuits.

Natural fibres have taken the stage. We love the feeling of natural fibre against the skin. Soft, strong and oh so beautiful. Join us and feel the difference.

It is with pleasure that I present to you the lifestyle choice that is Divine Goddess. Beautiful on the inside and out. Bringing light and love to the women of today.

Every woman is a Divine Goddess. The lady struggling to reach her toes, hanging out the washing or shining on the stage. All of us have our place in the light.

Join me, light awaits you

Susi x