Forged from the foundations of family values, Susi and Gil Plesser have built Divine Goddess Yoga as a pure and active expression of what they believe, live and want to generate more of in the world.

Hi, I’m Susi. Mother of two incredible teenagers Bimini & Gabriel and Wife to my amazing supportive husband Gil. I am a devoted Yogi humbly practicing 3rd series Ashtanga and this, Divine Goddess Yoga is our family business. We are a passionate family. Passionate about following our hearts, living by our truth and making all the wonderful possibilities we dream a reality.

Divine Goddess Yoga is an example of just that. We live our business but not the way most do – we live it as we live our Yoga; A daily practice that supports and empowers ourselves, others and the planet in every way.

It began in Byron Bay…

Pregnant with our first child and living in the same house we do to this day, Gil and I wanted to build a business that would have a gentle effect on our family, soft in its approach yet strong in its impact. Pleasurable yet prosperous. Little did we know just how wonderful this venture would become for our family and the families of so many.

We began at the Byron Bay markets in 2002, selling just a handful of handmade natural yoga mat bags, eye pillows and yoga mats. It felt so yummy to be expressing yoga in this way. I had pursued this endeavour as a way to enrich my entrepreneurial spirit and creatively express my values, whilst raising our family. It was small, but I was content, comfortable. Life was smooth, but not for long…

Adversity Struck

The Global Financial crisis hit.
Gil had been the provider of our household and property was our main source of support. In one unexpected event, every penny of our life savings was gone. Our hard-earned investments, vanished. Not only did we lose all we had worked years to build, our road to source support was completely compromised. We were at odds of losing our home with no foreseeable way of supporting our family moving forward. Our family’s hopes and dreams had been plucked from beneath us.

What could we do? We faced many choices…To say we were scared would be an understatement. Yet our belief in a life that provided our family the fuel to fly and set their hearts on fire burned strong. We chose to unite and we chose to rise.

What burned us – transformed us.

This is where Divine Goddess Yoga really grew.

We went all in.

Divine Goddess had been gently nurturing my creative spirit, but then I thought – what if… what if we went all in? What if this could be our vehicle to inspire and empower our family’s livelihood, our finances and our future? What if this could be the way to truly make an impact and inspire the lives of others on a larger scale?

We were sitting smack bang in the middle of the most challenging experience of our lives. Two young children and not a penny to our names… yet Gil and I were united in our efforts to make our dreams a reality, elevating our family and others in the process. We refused to let go of that.

Our Family Grew

Gil became the fulltime mastermind driving the mechanics of our business, whilst I propelled myself into the creative expression. The moment we committed to this dream, the doors continued to open. As if by magic, the universe continued to meet us, but we had to step in first.

That very afternoon we decided Divine Goddess Yoga would be our vehicle to create what we wanted for our family and the world… We found our very first shop front and soon after, we opened Byron Bay’s first ever Yoga Store.

Our Family Today

10 years on and you can find us operating from our favourite place on the planet still, our family home. Though we haven’t had to extend the house – our family has definitely grown. No longer just the 4 of us, we are 100+ staff strong (90% of them women) who you can find working heartfeltly in 1 of our 3 stores or our ethical/sustainable supply and manufacturing arms. We are honoured to welcome 1000’s of new members into the DGY family online, just like you! We treasure each and every one and we don’t plan on downsizing. We continue every day in every way to spread our family’s wings further, reaching more people and deepening our connections and that includes you.

We want to inspire and lift you as your follow your flight path.

Pursue your Potential

We hope to inspire you in your personal alignment, power and prosperity. Because when you are your best, you inspire others into theirs, you become an active expression of what is possible in the world and that, is what we are all about!

Whether it is empowering our staff in Bali or Australia to be all that they can be and use their actions as a vehicle of good and change in their lives; inspiring our children with the way we lead our lives, business and family or enabling inspired action and alignment on and off the mat through our beautiful conscious yoga wear and stunning yoga mats and accessories... we personally pursue and inspire potential, because we know it’s possible.

From our heart to yours,

Susi x