Come with us to London and Paris!

I had the incredible opportunity to accompany my 21 year old daughter to Paris and London in July this year.  She is starting a semester at the University of London and invited me to come and have an adventure with her for 2 weeks!

 What an exciting and heart warming experience for a mama like me!  So I packed my bags and headed off into the skies for a Euro Summer adventure with my girl.  I had all the pieces for our Spring Collection and some secret new Yoga Mats that will be revealed very soon!

Darling Leotard Black

 The weather had different ideas and we had drizzle and cloudy weather, not so Euro Summer warm at all!  Not to worry, my Divine Goddess pieces served me so well and Id love to show you how I wore them on my adventure.

 Darling Leotard Onesie

The Darling Leotard was perfect for nearly every day!  Whilst the sun was shining some of the time, for an island girl like me, I needed a little more warmth from within.  Enter the Darling Leotard. 

This beauty fits like a glove and I adored the rib detail around the tummy, so supportive and ultra comfortable.  I paired it with jeans day in, day out and felt incredible.  It is so fun to dress up a little bit in Europe and the Darling Leotard worked wonders for me.

 Leotard Onesie

Off to the Muse D’Orsay to see the most incredible artworks and take our time.  Normally, we have the men of our family hurrying us along but this time we spent hours taking in all the beauty and ages past in this glorious museum.   The Darling Leotard was perfect. 

A little secret for you, the Muse D’Orsay has the best hot chocolate in Paris!  The restaurant in the museum was a welcome oasis as we worked our way through the floors of art.  Such a wonderful surprise a hot chocolate to make your heart sing!

 Seamless Leotard Black

Walking the streets of Paris in the rain, again sublime.  I paired it this time with another pair of jeans and an open button up linen shirt.  I looked divine and my torso was warm which is what I like to be certain of when the weather is just a little cooler.

Seamless Onesie Leotard

Then we headed back to London for walks in the park, London summer style……. Still not so warm but what a gorgeous city to be a tourist in.

I took the Darling Leotard out into London and paired it with a linen blazer and jeans.  So easy to look the part and feel supported.

 Seamless Onesie

The Darling Leotard is a pleasure to pack, just roll it up and the creases will be taken out by your body heat!  I love it!

So for all of you travelling women out there, the Darling Leotard is a gem for your suitcase.  I took 2 colours with me and I was very happy I did!  Perfect for casual wear, incredible with my leggings for a yoga practice on the mat and just as at home dressed up for a night on the town.

 Seamless Onesie Black

We named it the Darling Leotard because it really is.  Thank you for a beautiful experience Europe, you know I cant wait to be back.


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