Welcoming Carbon Positive Australia to our Family

When beautiful Lauren from Carbon Positive got in touch with us with the idea of joining forces and bringing more conscious awareness to the yoga world and our planet we were more than excited!

Gil, my husband and business partner and I had been looking and considering what conscious company to come together with and start to give back in this way and we felt we were more than aligned with Carbon Positive.

Divine Goddess is a small, family run business.  We have been operating for nearly 20 years from our family home in Byron Bay, Australia.  The most Easterly point of our country.


Byron Bay has one of the highest yoga practitioners per capita of most small towns anywhere in the world so it was the perfect place for us to open and celebrate our yoga practice and our family.

Yoga in Sanskrit means union and to us that union encompasses everything.  Not just the postures or the asanas but all the benefits of our practice and the also the products and the materials they are made with.  We consciously choose who and how we work with our suppliers and actually, everyone we come in contact with for our business.


With that in mind, back in 2012 we started producing our very first Eco Friendly Yoga Mats.  At that time, this was a revolutionary product.  We were the first Australian brand to craft an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat.  We haven’t looked back since and continue to work towards a kinder impact on the planet.  This is not always an easy path to take.

This is where Lauren and Carbon Positive come in.  This incredible group of people are planting and reforesting areas of Australia and bringing back the equilibrium that we, as people are taking from our earth.

Some words from Lauren on what they do in this incredible organisation....

At Carbon Positive Australia, we develop and implement environmental restoration projects. We’re busy on the ground with our hands in the soil planting Australian native trees and we work with our partners, such as Susi and the team from Divine Goddess to:

  • Restore healthy ecosystems;
  • Boost Australian conservation and restoration;
  • Empower you to measure and reduce your carbon footprint and;
  • Build capacity for tree-planting projects.

Not only that, we’re creating the best possible conditions for ecological restoration at scale. Our organisation has deep roots in Australia and has over 20 years’ of experience in revegetation, reforestation, carbon measurement, carbon education, and environmental planting.

We are able to continue our work by forging connections with those that share our passion for restoring Australia. As the Communications and Partnerships Coordinator for Carbon Positive Australia, working with businesses such as Divine Goddess is a highlight of my job. It is always so empowering to see the number of amazing Australian businesses that care deeply about restoring the county and going above and beyond in educating their customers about the important of our environment and biodiversity too.

There is so much to learn and we are starting now.  We cannot wait to share more stories and conscious awareness of this path forward with both Lauren, Carbon Positive and Divine Goddess

 More to come soon…..

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