Pregnancy Yoga for Mamas to be

It is with pleasure that we share with you the magic of our local team Byron Mamas Hub.  These ladies have been operating here in Byron Bay for the last 3 years.  

Offering women the chance to connect and support each other through this incredible phase of life.  Pregnancy can bring such love and light but can also be a challenging time.  Coming together whilst pregnant, these women have the opportunity to form life long friendships whilst looking after each other when their babies are first born.

We sat down and spoke with the team at Byron Mamas Hub.

What is the essence of Byron Mamas Hub?

Along with yoga classes, mums and bubs groups and hypnobirthing workshops, The Hub is also the home of The Byron Pregnancy Support Group.  A community pregnancy group that has been running in the Byron shire for over 30 years.  The Hub is a safe space for mamas to sit together in a circle and share stories and experiences whilst supporting each other.

What impacts have you seen on your mamas practicing yoga during their pregnancies?

Pregnancy yoga allows these mamas to be some time to connect with themselves, their bodies and their babies.

It is a bonus that they also have the opportunity to meet like minded mamas to be and have the chance to create life long friendships.

What benefits are there from practicing yoga when pregnant?

*. Relieving any aches and pains that naturally arise during pregnancy

*. Improve posture and alignment due to growing belly and baby

*. Learning breathing, meditation and birth preparation poses and techniques

*. Connecting with other pregnant women to create a sense of support and community throughout pregnancy and into motherhood

What made you choose Divine Goddess products for Byron Mamas Hub?

Firstly, I love to support local businesses however I can. 

I was drawn to the uniquely beautiful designs of the Yoga Mats and Bolsters.  The quality is amazing!

Having a calm and beautiful space for mums to visit is essential for us and these yoga mats enhance the aesthetic of our space

How do you use Bolsters in your classes for your mamas?

Bolsters are an essential prop for pregnant women, as they are so versatile, safe and comfortable.  Bolsters create space and allow for the pregnant woman's growing belly, especially in forward bends.

The Bolsters are also very useful for comfort and support in sitting or squat poses.  

Our favourite way to use the Bolsters are for restorative or relaxation poses such as Princess Pose, reclined back onto a propped up Bolster. Also supported in Child Pose reclining forward onto a Bolster or left side lying savasana with a Bolster between her legs and or under her heart.

Do you have one piece of advice for mamas to be?

Once piece of advice that I would give mamas to be is to enjoy the journey, listen to your body and find your community of love and support.

Yoga classes and support groups are a great way to connect with other mamas to share the experience.

When women sit together in circle, a wealth of knowledge is shared with the group, this can lead to lifetime friendships.

These wonderful women can be found at

@byronmamashub Instagram


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