Sumptuously Soft and Smooth Yoga Mats for Sore, Aching Joints

We all have our Achilles heel.  Sore knees, sensitive joints, tender tendons, stiff muscles. That sports injury. Lower back pain. Nasty periods. Or simply busy, hectic weeks that leave us feeling achy. We at Divine Goddess believe that none of these setbacks should stop your inner Yoga deity from shining through. Even if you don’t suffer from any strains, you deserve the kind caressing of your equipment so that you can do your best yoga to feel supplely splendid. In this post, we’ll explore how a Yoga mat from our lovely Luna Range will become your star piece of kit and a solution to troublesome tensions.

  1. Care Giving Cushioning for Your Comfort

A key benefit of our mats is that they are adequately cushioned so that you can perform routines and exercises with confidence. Your joints will be well looked after and supported. Forget buckling knees and wobbly elbows, indulge in a surface of softness that is ready to take on the impact of the poses. 

We don’t want you to have to cut any movements out or limit yourself in any way. That’s why we’ve thought so carefully about how we can provide the best quality materials. We selected natural tree rubber as our base because it’s sturdy, reliable but also, gentle and natural for padding packed with strengthening properties and soulful energy.

  1. Non-Slip Surface

The top layers are comprised of Polyurethane for a grip like no other. Yogis know that our favourite workouts get us hot and sweaty as we give our all! That’s why we opted for this upper coating because it offers optimal grasp and control. This, combined with the cushy base, means that your joints are compensated for but also, you won’t be slipping and sliding. You’ll be a beacon of balance and be able to harness the harmony between your body and its power. We’ve designed our mats with these elements and materials because we understand that the last thing you want is to feel searing pain from the lack of appropriate support

  1. Extra Long

Our yoga mats are 185cm x 68cm x 5mm or 2mm for our lite version. This gives you plenty of space to fully stretch out and take advantage of the roominess. Yoga is a discipline with elongation as one of its main principals. Therefore, it makes sense that you should have equipment that bears this in mind! It will also help you get into the best positions given that there’s more space to work with.

  1. Eco-friendly

Now more than ever, it’s vital that we take care of our planet as well as ourselves. That’s why we’ve opted for a natural approach with our radiant range.

Our opulent Luna mats are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Made with natural fibres
  • Eco friendly
  • Recycled

The organic feel also ensures high performance so not only can we take steps towards sustainability but also, towards becoming a real, authentic Yogi master.

  1. Gorgeous Design

Ok, aesthetics doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the practicalities and logistics of the equipment. However, we believe in giving everything a reason and a purpose which is why we’ve chosen a concept that beautifully marries with our essence. The incredible etching of the Luna phases symbolises the healing energy of the Moon Goddess. So, we hope this mat can bring you a real sense of calm and serenity that will contribute towards soothing any joint pressures.

The above features are absolutely what you should look for if you have any pains. Although, they’re also a great preventative too. You need equipment that will comfort you and enhance your performance all the while shielding your delicate zones.

Be sure to check out our Luna collection so that you can shoot for the stars in your yoga sessions!

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