Love Wheels have landed!!

Divine Goddess are proud to offer you our very own style of Yoga Wheel.  Perhaps not the most thought of, or go to prop but our Yoga Love Wheels are a favourite. Becoming more and more popular every day; the Yoga Wheels are an essential tool to assist you with your practice and we hope that you love them as much as we do!

We have two beautiful types of Yoga Love Wheels available and with Mother Earth in mind they have both thoughtfully been designed and constructed out of 6mm thick eco-friendly materials. The Bahamas Blue and Pink styles are actually produced out of a biodegradable yoga mat which acts as and provides your body with an incredible cushioning and support. The Cork Yoga Wheels (you guessed it) are made from eco-friendly cork, also providing a wonderful cushioning and now come in black and white. 

Such a versatile, beneficial and fun product that can be used in many ways to deepen your practice. For those unfamiliar with Yoga Wheels, a big positive is that they are self-regulating meaning you can determine how much you open your heart or spine. You do this by using your body weight to control the opening through your chest – a wonderful therapeutic tool for opening the chest and creating space in your body, massaging the spine, balance/focus, releasing lower back pain, stretching and building strength.

 All our Yoga Love Wheels can hold up to 300kg (so please have no fear when using them) yet are extremely light weight making them easy to transport to class; perfect during this time when we are all taking our own props. They can also be used in replacement of a foam roller or a block in advanced poses, so grab your wheel and play around to see what works best for you and your body. To maximise your Yoga Wheel or if you have any uncertainty we also suggest to have a look online at tutorials.

We trial and test every product at DG so when the Yoga Wheels were first sampled we soon realised their high quality and benefits that they brought to our lives. We are grateful to be sharing them with you now but are a limited edition so please keep in mind that they do sell out very quickly. We can confirm that our Yoga Love Wheels are a great tool to add into your yoga prop collection – don’t hesitate to buy whilst we still have the stock available.



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