5 Best Yoga Pants for Your At-Home Practice

Many of us choose to practice yoga at home rather than in a studio. While it can be tempting to throw on any old leisurewear for your practice, having a pair of yoga leggings can really help to get into the flow and give you the freedom of movement that you need. But what kind of yoga pants should you buy for your at-home practice? We take a look at 5 of the best options that will keep your mind on your practice and not on your pants!

 High Rise Yoga Leggings

 High rise yoga leggings are probably the most popular choice for all yogis, not just home yogis! The reason? It’s because the high waist offers full support to your tummy while giving you a cool and edgy look. Most leggings are made from modern fabrics such as Rayon Lycra, so they give you all the comfort and stretch you need while still allowing your body to breathe. All you have to do, is choose your favourite design.

 Full Length Yoga Leggings

 Full length yoga leggings can be worn all year round but they’re especially suitable for the winter months. Extremely flattering for all body shapes, the best versions feature a diamond shaped crotch which not only removes the pressure as you move and stretch but avoids the dreaded ‘camel toe’ and gives more confidence on and off the mat. So, if you’re going to buy leggings online in Australia, we always recommend that you make sure that they have this feature.

 Shorter Length Leggings

 We’re going to bundle knee length, capri length, 3/4 and 7/8 length leggings into one category. If you’re a shorter yogi, 3/4 or 7/8 length leggings can give you the look of full-length leggings without the baggy ankles. Knee length and capri length versions are a great option when the weather is warmer and enables you stay a little cooler as you practice. They’ll enable you to work hard and not have to think about your clothing.

 Hot Yoga Pants

 Yes, we know yoga pants are hot, whether you wear them at home, in the studio or at the beach but our hot yoga pants really are hot! In fact, teeny tiny hotpants sell like hotcakes as they’re a perfect option for hot yoga such as Bikram and for wearing at the beach. Our hot yoga pants will help you to handle the heat in style – even if you are working out at home.

Yoga Pants

 Not every yogi likes to wear leggings for their practice. Some prefer the loose and airy feel of yoga pants. Yoga pants are designed with athletic performance in mind using specialised fabrics and durable seam construction to help you make the most of every pose. Whether you prefer full length pants in a straight cut, bootcut or flare cut or a shorter version, they’re the kind of supportive yet ultra-comfortable pants that will take you from mat to shopping or even to the bar.

 Buy Yoga Pants Online in Australia

 Practicing yoga at home has become even more popular since the recent lockdown. If you’re an at-home yogi, it’s time to up the ante and invest in some yoga kit that you’ll love. Buy yoga leggings or yoga pants online in Australia from Divine Goddess and you’ll get great pants that you’ll be more than happy to wear both on and off the mat – and that’s a promise.

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