What is the Best Bolster for Beginners Sitting Practice?

New yogis can be surprised to learn that yoga accessories go far beyond simple rollup mats! Of course, it’s vital to have a quality, eco-friendly yoga mat at your disposal - along with an easy means of carrying it around - but a lot of yoga involves sitting practice, which can be significantly aided by a bolster.

So, what is a bolster, and which kinds are best for beginners? In this article, the team at Divine Goddess - creators of beautiful, sustainable and ethically sourced yoga clothing and equipment - explain what you need to look for in a bolster if you’re just starting out.

What is a Bolster?

You may have seen yogis out and about with items that look like pillows or cushions. The correct name for an accessory of this kind is a “bolster”, and they often come in super useful when practising stretches, sitting or lying poses and breathing exercises.

The best bolsters feature a breathable 100% cotton cover that is easily removable and washable, as well as a supportive cotton filling. They usually come in either round or rectangular shapes - and there are also great half moon meditation cushions that can be used for certain positions, stretches and exercises.

Many of the yoga bolsters from Divine Goddess are handmade to be strong, durable and comfortable to use, and all contain natural, sustainable fibres and materials to help you do your bit for the planet. Each design has been extensively tested by yogis. But which are best for your practice? Read on to find out.

Which Shape is Best for Me?

The type of bolster you need will depend on the type and spread of the support you require. Using a bolster can help you to achieve deeper stretches, and may add extra elements to your breathing exercises to improve your practice and help you make significant progress.

They’ll also help you to feel comfortable and balanced throughout your sitting practice and increase your capacity for peaceful meditation.

Round Bolsters

Round bolsters are superb for supporting your body during spinal stretches, helping you to safely push yourself further while remaining comfortable. They can also keep your legs raised during periods of relaxation and savasana, and will provide padding for your hips in lotus position, too.

Of course, these are just a few of the great uses for bolsters of this kind - many yogis develop their own uses too!

Rectangular Bolsters

These cushions are great for all-over support, particularly when you’re taking part in seated and lying practices - so they’re great for those who are only just finding their balance, but even the most seasoned yogis swear by these accessories.

You’ll really feel the benefit of your rectangular bolster when lying in relaxing or restorative poses. All of the rectangular bolsters from Divine Goddess are hand sewn by a women’s collective in Bali.

Half Moon Cushions

Though it’s not technically a bolster, it’s great to use a half moon cushion for poses such as the lotus position to help the hips open fully without strain. They’re super portable too, and look gorgeous as household accessories as well as in yoga practice.

Strong and durable, with sustainable cotton filling that does not compact down and so does not lose its capacity to support, the bolsters and yoga cushions from Divine Goddess are of exceptional quality - and are available in a range of beautiful colours to inspire you. You can choose designs with or without our beautiful original moon phases design emblazoned on their face - but each and every bolster from Divine Goddess features our beautiful lotus flower logo.

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