Eye pillow, your essential yoga accessory

Shopping for the perfect eye pillow can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to find one online. However, knowing the right facts and what to look for we can help your search go a lot smoother and quicker! 

When it comes to eye pillow (also known as Dream Pillows), the soft pressure of the linseeds within the removable cover helps lower your heart rate to ease into a peaceful trance. Eye Pillows ground you to the earth by calming your nerves, whenever you feel you need to connect to the earths energy just lay gently on your back and let the lavender scent drift you away. 

Lavender seeds relax the spirit and soothe the senses while the 100% cotton rectangular pouch cushion your eyes. The Lavender scent is known to relieve stress and tension in the mind and heart. 

Eye Pillow's arent just for yogis and meditation- this universal eye pouch can help assist curing a common cold or even a mild headache! They can help children ease into a good nights rest, help block out unwanted light through the evening, or cool down after a hot day at the beach by placing them in the fridge! 

Over time Eye Pillows have helped many beautiful souls around the world over come insomnia and reduce daily stress in life. So the question is, why wouldn't you want to buy an eye pillow? From health benefits to calming scents an eye pillow is the perfect treat-yourself gift. 

Unless perhaps you’d like Divine Goddess to gift you with an Eye Pillow? Well you’re in luck this romance month! Because February is the love and friendship month we are filled with joy to give away a FREE Eye Pillow for our Monthly Give-Away Contest!

Maybe youre asking yourself, Is a Divine Goddess eye pillow the right fit for me?  And the answer is- Yes! Our brand focuses on how to make you feel confident, relaxed, and beautiful. To feel strong while practicing, running errands or cooking dinner for a family of 4, the main key ingredient is meditation. Our Eye Pillows guide you through silent reflection on how to over come stress and anxiety so you can balance your beautiful life.

Each of our covers are embellished with a divine symbol or cosmic shapes to fit your yoga lifestyle. Some of our symbols include the Lotus Flower which represents an open soul and pure heart, or the Goddess Lakshmi who embodies wholesomeness and abundance.

Our Yoga Eye Pillow are not just for Savasanas- pop on your eye pillow whenever you need to take a short break and let the energy of the powerful yogic symbols seep into your senses and bestow their magic upon your spirit.

Don’t miss your chance for us to help destress your life and ascend into a tranquil meditation.

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Namaste, Beautiful Souls.

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