The Traveling Yogi

You have your head held high, heart tucked gently away in your sleeve, and wanderlust filling your soul. The bags are packed, passport ready, and the world calling your name. 

 Embark on a journey, you don't need to know where this journey will lead you, all you have to do is listen ~ listen to your heart and guide your energy in a positive direction. 

 Travel to the ends of the earth, to skies over vast mountains, or to another world below the sea. Magic is all around us just waiting to be found. Its the journey that matters in the end, never over think while traveling. Get lost amongst smiling faces, foreign foods, strong yoga practices, and different walks of life. Find yourself within the courage, strength and kindness of others. 

 From retreats in India to instructor courses in Bali- yoga and travel have always gone hand in hand together. We express ourselves through our minds, body, and soul - feeding off the energy flowing from the earths core. 

 Experience life while getting lost in a foreign culture, soaking in the love and warmth of strangers and their unique ways. Immerse yourself in all Mother Nature has to offer, opening your eyes to the different ways of life, friendship, and self discovery. 

 The smells of a foreign country thrills us and indulges us in flavors we can’t even describe. The passion of wisdom one can hold, the dazzling atmosphere of florescent lights igniting the midnight sky.  

 Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and tosses you into life, into meeting new and wonderful people from around the globe. We all come from different places and cultures but share the same love and passion for one another and the world we all share. 

 This is humanity, pass the love along from our country to yours ~ let us celebrate all humans and Mother Nature.


Travel. Live. Discover. Grow.



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