feeling of excitement when you buy a fresh pair of yoga leggings?

Ever get that feeling of excitement when you buy a fresh new pair of leggings?

Fitted perfectly to your body, hugging your curves, nestled gracefully on your hips, looking your best as you engage into your practice. Nothing beats a soft pair of tights to help you strive for greatness and wellness. 

Divine Goddess has the perfect selection of yoga leggings to fit every aspect of your life- from morning practices and jogging on the beach to running errands and taking care of families, our brand of yoga apparel is there for your comfort and beauty. 

We have been working and creating hand manufactured yoga leggings for over 15 years now with the same companies and manufacturers  As our businesses grew we become close friends and these manufacturers had young children the same age as ours, the children were able to grow up together and blossom into beautiful young souls. 

Natural fibres are what make Divine Goddess thrive, we enjoy wearing soft and breathable fabric from various natural fibres. We enjoy to breathe in our yoga clothing and find it incredibly satisfying to feel that difference with eco-friendly material and natural fibres. 

We know that all women are different and desire different yoga attire which is why we cater to all styles made just for you! We offer 3/4 length, knee length, and of course everybodys favorite- full length! 

For the ladies that want to feel carefree and take a walk on the wild side we offer our animal print collection along side hand drawn pieces of art. From the majestic ocean wave to soaring high above the sky birds as well as a secret garden to get lost in. These hand drawn masterpieces give you a unique twist on looking beautiful in your own yoga practice.


Practice in an original Divine Goddess print and embody the beauty that can reflect from the  inside. We have been creating clothing that is gorgeous and extremely practical since just before the turn of the century. Testing all of our garments before they join the family so we know for sure they are suitable for exercise or just looking divine. 

Sitting close to the body, leggings allow us to move freely while remaining in place. They allow us to be present and practice easily in our beloved craft of yoga. Our designs help you flow smoothly into postures without the worry of tugging or pulling your clothes. One less stress to think about while you calm your mind! 

Our yoga leggings collection has a wide range of leggings to suit your taste. One of the most popular items is the wide waistband for the ladies that like higher tights to cover the tummy while still supporting the bottom! As well as sleek leggings for those who want to hop on the mat and move! 

If you're more into the hot yoga don't panic! Divine Goddess offers quick dry styles perfect for the humid weather and fast-pace gym sessions. Fitted perfectly around the waist keeping them tight and secure! 

Let us share our heart felt yoga leggings with you and your practice. Divine Goddess adores all of our customers, from local regulars to new comers we welcome you to enjoy our amazing range of leggings to make you feel fantastic! 


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