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Dress Anggun Grey

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The Dress Anggun from Divine Goddess is a very simple and stunning piece of Divine Goddess clothing.  We love our yoga practice and we love to throw on a frock and look as good as we feel after class.  The Dress Anggun is just one of those pieces.

Manufactured from Rayon Lycra.  This is a natural fibre that feels wonderful against the skin.  This fabric falls easily and holds the body just enough to accentuates a goddesses curves but not too much to feel restricting.  We adore how easily this fabric loses its creases once on the body.  This makes it a perfect dress for travelling.  Easy to throw in the suitcase and wear with ease upon arrival.  We love that.

The Dress Anggun is cut so sweetly to feature the curve of a goddesses shoulders.  We know how well the shoulders can be toned from a yoga practice and we love to wear our clothing well.  This dress is flattering and a joy to have in your wardrobe.

We recommend to wash in cold water.  We dont love washing in hot water, this never extends the life of a Divine Goddess garment.  We know and understand how wonderful all of our products are and we wish for them to last as long as possible.  Please wash in cold water and enjoy for an extended period of time.

Take your Dress Anggun to yoga practice and pop on after class and be happy you chose this path!

Elegant and a joy to wear.  Just as we love it


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