Yoga Pants have quite possibly saved my life.

Back in the day when I was a new yummy mummy and struggling with the surrender necessary to raise my new born daughter consciously and lovingly I sought out the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

I found that Yoga was able to help me find the courage and strength necessary to negotiate the changes that I had unknowingly thrown myself into. It gave me peace of mind.

It also helped me to shape my new body and awaken it back into life after the process of creating a new life and then attempting to keep that little blossom alive.

I found I was practicing at least 5 times a week and I needed Yoga Pants to wear. The styles on the market then were not inspiring to me. Yoga had become one of the most beautiful things in my life and I wanted Yoga Pants and Yoga Clothing that reflected that beauty.

So I set about creating my own. Thus, Divine Goddess Yoga Products was born.

I love to wear Natural Fibres so I searched the world over to find the most comfortable and beautiful fabric I could. I also began to research just how snug or loose I like them.

Did I like to wear ¾ length or full length Yoga Pants? I loved this research as it took me to far off places and of course, back to my Yoga Mat to test out the products.

It is over 14 years later now and Divine Goddess produces a comprehensive range of Yoga Pants for all shapes and styles of women. We know what makes women feel beautiful and our clothing is suitable for all of you.

I love to wear Yoga Pants all day long. Im a busy woman and having clothing that I keep on after practice whilst simultaneously looking good is very important. Comfort is key here. What styles suit an all day Yoga Practice as that is what I see my life as these days.

I have built my family, business and mental health around Yoga Pants. It’s true. Saving the world one pair at a time. That’s me

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