The Ultimate List Of Yoga Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Freshly cooked cinnamon cookies soothing the air, lights sparkling on the evergreen Christmas Tree. Its that time of year and at Divine Goddess we are here to help you find the perfect gift for that special yogi in your family!

Yoga Starter Bundle 

It’s never too late to start healing and cherishing your body. Whenever starting something new you need to set yourself up for success! Yoga has been apart of us our entire lives- from meditation and breath control to realigning our posture, we have used aspects of yoga for years. 

So start your journey with our yoga starter bundle, hand picked and designed to guide you through the journey of life with the essentials every yogi needs!  

Yoga Ultimat- Our Ultimat is made from a base layer of our beloved TPE Mat with a thin layer of Natural Rubber 

Yoga Towel- We adore to practice Yoga but sometimes we find ourselves needing extra grip when we become super sweaty or hot.  These are perfect for maintaining a great grip on your mat and beautiful enough to use as a wall hanging. 

Buddha Statue- Set up an area in your home for your practice where you can go to escape! The Buddha Statue has several different meanings that can help you reduce stress, calm the mind and help you connect to the earths energy. 

Incense- We have five senses that help us understand the world around us, when meditating light up and sear away the darkness of energy and replace it with light and love. 

Bolster- Perfect for people that need to sit a little higher or amazing for lying back and opening the chest. 

Yoga Strap- A Yogis best friend.  Our Yoga Straps will help you find correct alignment and reach for your toes when you need a little assistance.  100% cotton 

Block- yoga blocks are to help stabilize poses and assists your body to reach goals at your own pace.

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