How Often and How Do You Clean Your Mat?

This is a typical, ‘it depends’ label question. However, no doubt common thoughts swish through our minds when it comes to the cleanliness of our mats.  Like, how often should we really be washing them? How do we go about it? Will certain products not ruin the materials and surfaces of the mat?

Consider Buying a Mat for Your Own Personal Use

Given that we’re in the midst of a pandemic which is highly contagious, it’s crucial that we limit the number of items we share. Although it may seem more convenient to use the communal ones at the gym, for your peace of mind we suggest purchasing your own mat. You’ll reduce the risk of picking up any viruses, fungi or bacteria from others and you can be in control of how often you clean it.

Why not treat yourself to one of our exquisitely beautiful, high performance yoga mats? Not only are they made from natural, eco-friendly materials but, they’re also super easy to wipe down and look after!

But How Do They Even Get Dirty?

In addition to the build-up of microorganisms, dead skin cells, body oils, sweat and nasty odours can all seep into our mats. Even though we have naturally occurring bacteria living on us, it’s not particularly sanitary to allow growths to thrive in the humid environment of our equipment. Moreover, Yoga is all about promoting and channelling healthy, revitalising energy.  So, the last thing we want is to start a session on a damp, shabby and pongy product.

What to Use

At Divine Goddess, we’re all about positivity and starting afresh. That’s why we have a Yoga Mat  Spray that is luxuriously organic. The formula is solely plant-based meaning that it’s completely safe and free of any harsh chemicals that could cause irritations. It eradicates bacteria, killing off any harmful germs and it eliminates nasty odours with its fragrant lavender and creamy coconut scents which will also calm you completely. A good few spritzes of this product will not only wipe your mat clean but also, get you in a tranquil mindset, preparing you for all your yoga sessions and meditative moments. It’s a product that really packs a punch and will also protect the design and delicate surfaces of your mat.

Cleansing Frequency

Ideally, the safest way is to clean your mat after every use. However, should you plan on only using it for a couple of sessions a week, you could wash it at the weekend. Or maybe, you have one week on one week off yoga, so in that case, you could even do it monthly. Really, it’s a personal preference, but always make sure that you remember to cleanse it regularly.

It’s also important to think about where and how you store your mat. As bacteria love warm and dank conditions, ensure your mat is nice and dry before you roll it up. Same goes for where you put it- you want to avoid mildew and mould after all!

When it comes down to it, if yoga is a passion of yours, it’s essential to treat your equipment with respect and look after it properly. Especially if you’ve spent a lot on your mat! Keeping it clean will not only keep you safe and recharged but also, help with its longevity. Moreover, the incredible aroma of sprays like ours will invigorate you and get you ready for your work out.

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