We are a Plastic Free Company!!

We are proud to announce as of May 2018 Divine Goddess Yoga is now completely Plastic Free! We have replaced all single use plastic across our brand with sustainably sourced, fully biodegradable and compostable Cassava bags.

As a country we are becoming increasingly conscious of making better choices towards single use plastic. However what many don’t realise is, although plastic may be slowly vanishing from the checkout, this perpetrator is often hiding behind the scenes. In the fashion industry, once manufactured, clothing has to be individually wrapped for safe and sanitary transportation. In our case, it meant every time we developed a new collection of consciously made eco yoga wear, we were left with a mound of plastic!

“We literally felt sick producing beautiful earth friendly clothing and then having to wrap it in this toxic polluter” Susi, Divine Goddess Founder.

It was a long road of research, investment and ideas on how to remove this beast from our brand, but thankfully there are some great new alternatives about.

We began by looking for a plant-based option that would both look after our product and mother nature. Eventually we came across a company based in Bali, it worked perfectly. All our manufacturing is ethically carried out here and what better way to elevate and empower such an important solution than where it is needed most.

The island is drowning in plastic and we are thrilled to be supporting this local company’s efforts, investing in a potential global alternative to plastic and minimising our impact on the island and oceans.


  • Cassava is a root based plant grown in Bali and harvested and treated on the island.
  • All our garments are now individually wrapped in 100% biodegradable compostable cassava bags
  • Our range of yoga mats (made from either biodegradable TPE, glue free, compostable or natural rubber) are wrapped in plant-based cellophane and completely biodegradable
  • Our clever Cassava bags can literally be tossed in the compost when done.

We have SAVED:

  • 50,000 single use plastics from entering landfill every single year!!

 Although it is more of an investment – it doesn’t cost the earth and THAT is what Divine Goddess is all about: Alignment and loving yoga wear that you not only feel good in but can feel good about too!

This transition is a beautiful complement to our clothing which are made from all-natural fibres, producing a soft, stretchy and sustainable long lasting fabric – great for high intensity yoga, fitness and fun.

“We have transformed our way of doing business and are committed to our investment because it doesn’t’ cost the earth or our children’s future!”

Get in Touch:

Susi and Gil would love to chat with anyone considering a positive transition in their business away from single use plastics and happy to share their experience and insight further.


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