Water fasting, why it is the best medicine

Water fasting is not new science. One of the best self-healing techniques, the likes of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci and Pythagoras were water fasting.

Studies state that water fasting for three days resets your immune system and activates stem cells, and science has proved your brain grows and enables you to perform at optimum peak states. Some studies also show that fasting can raise base metabolism by some 7 per cent or more.

Experts state that toxicity leads to disease. Eating the wrong foods or exposing ourselves to toxic health and beauty products can lead to unconscious self-poisoning. The body then responds by producing mucus to protect itself, and over time this build up of mucus causes blockages and imbalances in the body, ultimately manifesting in disease. Fasting is one of the best ways to detox the body, helping to stimulate the body’s amazing self-healing ability and rid you of disease.

What fasting regime is best for you?

Intermittent fasting

If fasting is new for you, try beginning with intermittent fasting. Start your fast after your lunch time meal, then stick with water for the next 24 hours, eating again the next day at the same time as you did your last meal.

2-day juice fasting

Juice fasting is a great way to retain energy during your fasting detox, particularly if you are working, have children, or are travelling. Make sure you have access to organic, fresh juices, and drink plenty of water throughout the 2-day period on top of the juices. Check out the great documentary covering the amazing health benefits of juice fasting is Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

3-day water fasting

Water fasting for three days will reset your immune system, activate stem cells, and thoroughly detox your body. To help with flushing the toxins from your body during your extended water fast, you can try salt flushes, enemas, conscious breathing, meditation, light exercise and natural skin cleansing.

10-day water fasting

Experts recommend doing 4 extended 10-day water fasts per year in order to rebuild the body’s ability to heal itself, reset the hormones and immune system, and optimize health, happiness and strength. Use the seasons as a guide, starting your extended fasts at the change of each season. It is recommended that you practice extended fasting in calm and tranquil environments, where you are not expected to strain your body or mind excessively. Breaking the fast is equally as important as how much you hydrate yourself during fasting; opt for soft, digestible fresh fruits and resist any urge to devour full meals for a few days after your extended fast.

Emotional cleansing and fasting

It is common for heavy emotions to come to the surface during extended fasting. Do not be alarmed, as this is a good sign your body is eliminating stored toxins and emotions. Keep a journal and record how you feel physically and mentally during your fasts. This is a great opportunity to process ignored or deeply entrenched feelings and thoughts and completely cleanse the body and mind. 



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