5 Reasons Our Yoga Mats Rock

We know the struggle ~ you're standing there in the shop looking at rows and rows of yoga mats not knowing which one will become your new best friend. 

You’ve read reviews, searched online, and have walked thousands of aisles looking for that perfect mate. But it’s nowhere to be found.

That’s where we come in.

At Divine Goddess we understand the difficulty which is why we have spent hundreds of hours designing your new perfect partner in crime. 

Let’s be honest, the yoga mat is the core tool of any practice. It’s what softens your hands as you gracefully transition between poses supporting your every move. From grip to cushion we have what you want.

So we have come up with 5 amazing reasons why our TPE Yoga Mat should be apart of your daily yoga practice. 

5.  All of our Yoga Mats are Eco- Friendly & Biodegradable 

Yes, you heard that right ~ Biodegradable ~ we adore Mother Earth, she’s kind of amazing if you truly think about it. She creates beautiful trees which provide oxygen for our little lungs. So lets give back to her and start doing our part ~ plant your yoga mat when you're all finished with it, but don’t worry that wont be any time soon.

4. Did Someone Say Grip?

Oh wait, we did!  Tired of slipping on your old mat not getting enough grip to help stay in downward dog? We hear you! No one wants to fall face first onto the ground. So let us take care of that by adding an unique texture and print to our mats helping your grip stay firm and strong!

3. Colours to Match Every Aura 

Spice up your yoga practice with our assortment of bright colours! Certain colours help calm our nerves during practices so why not gravitate to the hue that matches you! Choose your new favorite color from warm and balanced orange, joyful and hopeful green, peaceful and pure grey or splash out with our two new colors ~ tranquil and steady blue or mysterious and wise purple! 

Your aura will be glowing along with your new stylish yoga mat! 


2. Lightweight & Passport Ready

Created with travel in mind we worked hard to find a mat that could effortlessly roll up (but stays put when practicing!) and take anywhere! From yoga classes to the farmer markets you wont even notice this mat hanging from your shoulder. 

5mm thickness, 183cm by 61cm and weighing in between 800-900 grams our yoga mat goes hand in hand with your passport. 

Pack your bags and head to your next yoga retreat amongst the rice paddies of bali ~ don't forget to bring the bestie!

1. Beautiful and Functional 

The bottom line is functionality, you want a yoga mat that will be durable and last quite a while. No more waiting money and time on buying genetic yoga mats and having to replace them every few years.

Our TPE yoga mat will last a life if treated with love and kindness. Your new yoga mat will be by your side every step of the way waiting patiently at home ready to do some yoga practice! 

Come visit our store today or shop online to receive a beautiful New Yoga Mat!


Namaste <3 

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