Finding Ethical and Sustainable Pieces for Swimming and Watersports

It’s hard to stick to a pledge to buy eco friendly and ethical when so much of the swimwear available from popular brands contains synthetic fibres and plastics and avoids the use of recycled materials. Often, it is very difficult to find precise information regarding the manufacture of certain swimwear pieces - and it’s equally tough to work out how we should be disposing of them.

In this article, the team at Divine Goddess - designers and creators of beautiful, sustainable sportswear - explains how to easily find beautiful, ethical and eco-friendly pieces to splash about in without spending too much time and effort reading reams of small print.

Look for Specialist Eco-Friendly Brands

It may be time to split from your tried and trusted labels if you want to go truly sustainable. Yes, it’s hard to break it off when you’ve finally found a make of swimwear that fits and flatters in all the right places, but there are so many great options out there that will enable you to achieve this and do your bit for the planet.

The team working within the design and manufacturing arm of Divine Goddess takes care to use ethical and sustainable materials across the brand’s range of products, including recycled ocean waste items such as fishing nets and reused plastic from bottles!

We were proud to achieve our goal of becoming totally plastic-free in 2018, replacing single-use packaging with sustainably sourced, fully biodegradable and compostable Cassava bags. Remember - if you want to stay sustainable, it’s important to choose brands who keep their eco-pledge in every way possible, from their products right down to their packaging.

Know Your Materials

There are so many alternative options to the synthetic materials used by mainstream swimsuits manufacturers who fail to use ethical sources and supply chains. Eco Nyl, for example, is a fabric made from regenerated nylon thread formed out of recycled nylon fibres.

Divine Goddess offers a range of Eco Nyl products, including a sports bra, high waist bikers and hot yoga pants. The pieces in this collection are water-resistant, anti-bacterial, breathable, safe to wear with sun creams and oils, UV protective and ultra resistant to chlorine - which makes them superb for swimming!

You can pick up our Eco Nyl products individually, or, for an entire sustainable outfit, you can invest in an Eco Nyl Hot Pants or Bikers Bundle and save money!

Find a Few Versatile Pieces

A really fun way to be eco friendly is to find multipurpose sportswear that is water-resistant and quick drying. This means that you’ll be able to stick to just a few trusty pieces and avoid having too many clearouts - creating a capsule workout wardrobe that lasts.

Imagine dressing in a cute and comfortable crop and yoga shorts - both of which have been sustainably produced - and enjoying a walk, run or yoga session on the beach, only to be able to dive straight in the sea or pool afterwards! The expertly designed Eco Nyl range from Divine Goddess will allow you to do just that - as will our gorgeous Have a Laugh Hotpants and our Panas, Lotus and Tiga Tali Crops (the latter available in both metallic and batik). 

Choosing just a few versatile pieces will help you to reduce your clothing waste and washing load and allow you to stop spending time and effort changing. Now you can just jump right in! Many of our products are quick dry too, so you can take a spur of the moment plunge without having to worry about the consequences. Check out the Divine Goddess range for sportswear that looks gorgeous, fits perfectly and is kind to the earth.

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