A Quick Guide to Yoga Clothes for Tall Women

If you’re a woman over a certain height, you’ve probably already experienced the stress and frustration of hunting for clothing that fits perfectly in all the right places.

Many clothing outlets seem to cater for customers of average height or smaller, which can lead to taller ladies taking numerous tedious shopping trips or browsing endlessly online with little or no success.

When it comes to sportswear, this problem is even more common! You need to be able to enjoy proper support in order to work out safely and comfortably, and taller women often struggle to find yoga pieces with suitable proportions, sufficient material or the right fit to meet their needs and requirements.

Here, the team at Divine Goddess - creators of beautiful, ethically produced yoga clothing based in New South Wales and Bali - offer a few useful tips on how to find the perfect fitness outfits if you’re taller than average.

Never Underestimate the Adjustable Strap

One of the most frustrating issues for tall women is the struggle to find tops that are not tight under the arms and don’t ride above the bust.

Many tops and sports bras designed for women of average height or less do not take into account the possible variations in distance between the top of the shoulder and the armpit or underbust, leaving taller yogis uncomfortable and self-conscious.

However, if you opt for pieces with adjustable straps - such as the Seamless Holiday Crop Top, Seamless Magic Crop Top or Divine Rib Brilliant Bandeau from Divine Goddess - you can tweak and change the position of your top until it is perfect for your proportions and sits beautifully where you want it to.

Opt for Crops

Another problem that tall women face when shopping for sportswear is top length. Oftentimes, the waist and hem of certain pieces sit higher on women of above average height than they are designed to, resulting in an awkward silhouette, a lack of comfort and the unintentional showing of midriff skin.

A great way to remedy this is to wear “long crops” that offer a smooth silhouette, such as Divine Goddess’s Turtle Dove Crop. This allows you to “own” the showing of your midriff without the risk of the piece riding too high on the bust - and a relaxed cut that isn’t too structured lies much more naturally.

Cropped leggings, too, are a great option when you’re struggling to find full length bottoms that don’t stop awkwardly above the ankles.

Go Longline

Another great way to avoid flashing your midriff when you don’t want to is to go for figure-skimming, longline looks like the Tie Dye Pantai Tank. Another great benefit of this particular piece is its generous armhole depth, which will help you avoid the common discomfort of fabric cutting in below the arms.

Check Measurements Rather Than “Sizes”

One of the best ways to ensure an ideal fit every time is to get to know your measurements and seek out clothing that adheres to them instead of gambling on common sizes, which often vary between brands.

Many online clothing outlets offer size charts to help you - or, if you’re buying in person, be sure to speak to a retail assistant to learn where you can find out more about the sizes they offer and whether they stock “tall” options.

It is vital that you feel comfortable and confident when exercising, so never settle for ill-fitting or awkward pieces! Take your time to select the items in which you feel best, and you’ll have a far more successful workout every time.

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