Women’s Empowerment Through Yoga

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.” - Dalai Lama, Vancouver Peace Summit, 2009. 

We are currently experiencing a huge shift on Earth as we move further into the Age of Aquarius. The bondages over our eyes are being removed layer by layer. Beyond the ‘maya’, the illusion, lies the truth, which at first can look like a world in chaos and confusion. But as you further lift the veil and dive deeper into your inner self, a beautiful opportunity to discover your divine design awaits your participation.

You may be feeling a pull for something higher, to leave behind unfulfilling roles and follow your heart’s call. You may be feeling confused, scared, or unsure. This new age is unleashing a profound feminine energy devoted to harmony, understanding, peace, love and unity. The common theme is ‘wholeness’. Many connect the Age of Aquarius with the rising of the goddess. This is a great time to truly ask yourself what makes you feel alive, to dive into self-mastery, and follow the call of your higher purpose for service to the whole. There’s no time like now call upon the Divine Goddess within us all. 

In yoga we are asked to observe the breath, the body, and the mind-body connection. Practicing yoga daily has an incredible ability to calm the mind, spirit and help bring us into a state of clarity, grounding our internal life force energy and opening access to compassion, surrender, peace and tranquility. Women are well placed in this new age to cultivate daily yoga ritual to enhance their love of self and ultimately unleash their true divinity. 

With daily yoga progress you will progress in achieving stillness, increasing your ability to make empowered choices that provide you with outcomes based on what you want and what makes you happy, as opposed to what you might expect. Humans thrive on progress, and even little enhancements in your practice will provide you with immense inner joy and fulfillment, further motivating you on your path and fuelling you with energy and passion to serve your true potential in life. 

Divine Goddess believes in the power and healing properties of women’s community, coming together in yoga class and beyond. Women rising up together to achieve high vibrational states can and will change the world. We need to move forward with devotion, not emotion, and to throw out the old paradigm of ‘resistance’ and instead pursue ‘insistence.’ In order to achieve this strength it is imperative that women not only feel good inside and out but also find their voice, gently and compassionately, and allow the beautiful ripple effect of these high vibrations to flood out to all beings.

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