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Rose Quartz Special

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We adore the qualities of Rose Quartz. It is one of our favourite semi precious gemstones and one that we adore to work with.

We feel sure you will love the possibilities created when you wear this love filled bracelet that works together to combine Rose Quartz and Rudraksha Seeds.


Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  It has been known to help us to recover from a broken heart.  It binds the heart strings together and helps us to bring the light in after a period of darkness.  Darkness is not the natural inclination and sometimes we just need a little helping hand to step back towards the light.  Rose Quartz is just the helper that we need.  Bring on the light and love!!  Rose Quartz is such a pretty pink in colour and texture.  It is a greater helper to the circulatory system and also helps us to ward off the affects of anxiety.  

The Rudraksha Seeds we use in this bracelet are also divine.  They are grown on Sacred Trees called the Rudrkasha Tree.  These trees are closely linked in many stories to the God Shiva.  It is thought that when he danced and created the universe that he cried abundant tears of compassion and kindness for the people of the planet.  When his tears fell to the ground they formed the seeds that grew these divine trees.  Slowly over time they formed blue fruit that when dried held these wonderful seeds.  They form the holes in the centre themselves and are thought to generate compassion and kindness within us.

Wear this beloved bracelet well and we feel sure you will be happy that you did.  We used a very high quality stretch material that will stand the test of time so please take care but please be sure to shine and share your light when you wear this delightful Pearl Cluster bracelet and watch the world shine right along side you


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