Eco Luxe Sundari Moonrise Yoga Mat

Colour: Moonrise Blue

Welcome to the Eco Luxe Yoga Mat Collection from Divine Goddess.  We have harnessed the magic of technology and created a beautiful yogic work of art.

4mm thick Natural Rubber combines with a digitally printed microfibre towel.  This makes our mat incredibly strong.  We have tried and tested this collection and have grown to love to practice on this beauty.

The warmer you become the greater the grip provided by this mat.  This is the perfect mat for all hot yoga types and yoga in warmer climates.

Easy to clean, you can simply hose down the mat and we prefer to dry in the shade, not in the full sun.  It is possible to wash this mat in the washing machine.  On a cold wash with a very gentle cycle.  Amazing!

This mat weighs approximately 2.2kg.  Makes it perfect for taking to and from class and joining you in any travels!  

We include a mat carry strap with this mat and our beautiful packing is divine for any gift for yourself or loved ones.

Join us on this mat today, beauty, yoga and love!

61cm x 173cm x 3.5mm

weight: 2kg

natural rubber on the bottom layer

non slip Eco Towel on the top layer

top layer made from recycled plastic bottles

no plastics or nasty chemicals used in this Yoga Mat

no latex used in this Yoga Mat


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