Love Wheel Cork

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A Cork version of our beloved Love Wheels!

This baby can take 300kg of weight and is covered with 6mm of Eco Friendly and Biodegradable Cork.

We were surprised just how spongy and comfortable this cork is.  You will feel supported yet it is a gentle stretch.

We love the white and natural feel of this Love Wheel.

Perfect for opening the spine and creating space within the chest.

We have found so many uses for this delight we are sure you will too, the time is now and you are the master of your own destiny!

33cm diameter x 13cm wide

Weight 1 kilo

Outer layer created from 6mm thick Eco Friendly Biodegradable Cork

Able to handle 300Kg of weight

Provides excellent cushioning

An incredibly elegant Yoga Tool

White inner tube is beautiful

Perfect for opening your heart and spine

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