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Half Moon Meditation Bolster

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Another divine and wonderfully agile Meditation Cushion from Divine Goddess!

We love to practice Padmasana Posture but the Lotus Position is not always easy to achieve.  It is the hips that need to open so we can sit comfortably.  For this reason we get a little help from our Meditation Cushions and at Divine Goddess we have just released a beautiful and incredibly functional range of Bolsters and Meditation Cushions.

This cushion is covered in 100% cotton fabric.  This is a natural fibre and allows the sweetness and the toxins to move freely through the cushion and not become trapped and sweaty there.  We love cotton for its ability to transfer the goodness and allow the toxins to leave.

The lilac colour is soft and accompanies nearly all happy yogis.  We have adorned this Meditation Cushion with our beloved lotus flower in a dark purple.  We remember that the Lotus Flower represents new beginnings and we like to be reminded of this as much as possible.  Working towards the light is the way for us, and also the Lotus Flower.

This Meditation Cushion is filled with cotton stuffing.  It is strong and doesn not compact down to a lesser height quickly.  We want our Meditation Cushions to maintan their shape and allow us the help we need.

This is a wonderful and incredibly beautiful Meditation Cushion from Divine Goddess.

Perfect in colour, size and full of love!!!

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