Sustainable Bolsters available now!!

Our bolsters hold such a special place in our hearts, in our homes and we hope yours too. Supporting and uplifting yet keeping us grounded; the Divine Goddess Bolsters began many moons ago.

Eighteen years ago when the Divine Goddess founders, Susi and Gill were on their honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia they met a lovely woman who made them some beautiful cushions. They took these back to their home in Byron Bay and still cherish and use them today! It is this very woman who continues to make the current Divine Goddess Bolsters. Our bolsters signify something so much greater than many other bolsters and props, we think it is so beautiful and meaningful for everyone to know that when we decided to create our own collection of bolsters to add to the DG range that we specifically asked this lady to produce them for us. Beginning with something so small and blossoming into this wonderful family run Women’s Collective; we are thrilled to have opened up this opportunity and support them in this way.

Ibu is the title in Indonesian that denotes the head lady of a family/company – we call her Ibu Bolster. The team initially consisted of the Grandma, head honcho and her daughter and daughter in law and now includes all the granddaughters. Living behind the factory, they are all ready and willing to work together to create these beautiful Bolsters from the inside out – it is truly remarkable.

Ethically sourced and sustainably hand-made; this dedicated team of women make our incredibly sturdy yet supple Bolster inserts and soft covers, stuffing and sewing them together. The inserts are made from Kapok which is a local tree that grows in Asia and has similar properties to cotton. Kapok is less wasteful and uses less water for growth, it is anti-bacterial, a natural fibre, chemical and toxin free, naturally hypoallergenic and quick drying – making it the perfect material for our Bolsters, for you and for Mother Earth. The covers are created from one hundred percent cotton, giving them that lovely feel/finish, long-lasting quality and can be washed.

Nothing gets released at Divine Goddess without being trialed and tested first, ensuring every style and size of Bolster retains their shape for years to come. Susi actually took her Half Moon Meditation Cushion with her over a weekend of sitting and chanting with Deva Premal and Miten, after which she returned home with the cushion looking and feeling like new.

There are two Bolsters and designs to choose from; the Round and Rectangle in Lotus and our brand new Luna Phases. The Divine Goddess collection of Bolsters was created as a reflection of the beauty of our Yoga Practice. This is why we feel confident that they are truly the most beautiful available and also amongst some of the hardiest to retain their shape. 

We have all just gone through a very unprecedented time which welcomed a high demand of home yoga practice; our Bolsters completely sold out! Ever grateful to our devoted team of Women in Bali who were able to continue producing Bolsters from their home. This new production, available now has served to be a life line for these women, as most of the men in their families lost their jobs which left them without any income. Each and every Bolster that you purchase from Divine Goddess continues to liberate and support these families.

Thank you always, with love The Divine Goddess team.


Round Bolsters Lotus $99

Round Bolsters Luna $99

Rectangle Bolsters Lotus $99

Rectangle Bolsters Luna $99

Half Moon Meditation Cushions $69

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