Earthing - the art of being barefoot and why it is good for you

Earthing is a new concept, and is the practice of grounding by being barefoot in direct contact with Earth, free from non-conductive materials such as rubber and plastic (your shoes), wood, plastic, laminate, and asphalt or concrete.

As kids we are often free to run around bare feet, until we begin kindergarten or school and are forced by society to wear shoes. But imagine if we were free to make shoes optional? What a healthier, happier society we would be! The good news is, you CAN be bare foot in many public spaces, upping your chances of interacting your shoeless feet with the Earth in between running errands, walking the dog, or doing your daily outdoor exercise routine. 

Health Benefits
When your bare feet or skin comes in direct contact with the Earth, your body is able to absorb free electrons that hold enormous healing potential. As the body is composed of up to 70 per cent water, we are excellent conductors of electrons from the Earth when placed in direct contact. These electrons help neutralize excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. 

Earthing for up to 30 minutes per day can result in health benefits such as:
– Decreasing inflammation, and improving or eliminating the symptoms of inflammatory-related disorders.
– Improve sleep.
– Increase energy and vitality.
– Cooling the nervous system, thus promoting calmness and lowering stress;
– Reduce and even eliminate chronic pain.
 – Improve blood flow.
– Lessen fatigue from jetlag.
– Re-sync the body with its natural biological rhythms.
– Ease muscle tension.
– Eliminate headaches.
– Ease menstrual pain and associated discomfort.
– Protect the body against unhealthy environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
– Improve athlete’s recovery.
– Make you smile more!

    Where to practice Earthing
    Anywhere you can get your shoes off and soak your feet into the natural Earth: the beach, the park, the backyard, National Parks, why you can even go bushwalking barefoot if you have tough skin! 

    Yoga and Earthing
    Pop away the mat and get your divine self down to the beach, the park, or an open field and practice yoga barefoot, directly in contact with Earth. Not only will your feet be grounding with Earth, but your hands and body too as you move through your asanas. Complete your practice with a beautiful meditation whilst lying on the ground and you’ll be bouncing back to complete your day re-energized and full of life.




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