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We were teaming up with Byron Yoga Centre to offering you the opportunity to win a weekend wellness and yoga retreat in Byron Bay! Our lucky winner is Tracy LucockCongrats! We hope you're having a beautiful weekend in Byron Bay!❤️
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About the competition: 

We are teaming up with Byron Yoga Centre to offering you the opportunity to win a weekend wellness and yoga retreat in beautiful Byron Bay! Byron Yoga Centre is just a 20 minute walk from the centre of Byron Bay - and our flagship Divine Goddess store!

The weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and re-energise. With a flexible program of yoga classes, meditation and pranayama sessions, philosophy and nutrition workshops plus a massage or spa treatment – you can choose to fill your days or take time out to relax.

While you are in Byron for your retreat you are also invited to come into our  flagship Divine Goddess Store  and pick out a pair of leggings of your choice from the Divine Goddess Leggings Collection.




Crow pose-all the way!
So great for releasing all that tension in glutes and lower back. Xoxx

Kim August 15, 2017

my favourite pose is Sukhasana. For, me its a great way to start, just sitting quietly for a few minutes and just connecting with the breath

sandra callegari August 10, 2017

Chair pose said No one ever! I do love Wild Thing and supported child pose. I love yin and iyengar styles of yoga

Joanne August 08, 2017

Lotus Pose.
Meditation has been a massive game changer for me x

Kate August 08, 2017

My favorite pose is head stand as I feel sooo much energy after. Xxx

Olivia Shanti August 04, 2017

Om shanti ??

Olivia August 04, 2017

My favourite pose is Eagle Pose because it works all 14 joints in the body!

Julie-Anne Dudley August 02, 2017

My favourite pose is balasana – child’s pose, there can be transformation in moments of stillness

Danielle July 31, 2017

I love the weightless feeling of eka pada koundinyasana 2 ✨ and it is great to flow to and from it in different sequences ???

Luna Woolcott July 30, 2017

The Crow Pose (bakasana)
A balance pose that focuses on body awareness and the mind body connection. It allows me to accept my fears and have the courage to fly.

Rachael Bowley July 30, 2017

Viparita Karani, Legs up the wall

Tania July 30, 2017

My favourite pose is now a head stand! The first time I tried it without assistance I felt this overwhelming strength and trust in my own body that I hadn’t felt before. When I came down out of it my beautiful yogi friend and I were so happy with my achievement we gave each other a high-five and screamed with laughter. It still makes me laugh!!

Ilana July 29, 2017

My favourite pose is Tadasana with my eyes closed. It is so liberating, so grounding… I love to do it in a spectacular location, on top of a mountain or at a beach with sunshine flickering on my eye lids. When you open your eyes it’s like you’re re-born again! Happiness!

Barbara July 29, 2017

Warrior III is my favourite pose. To me it’s balance and strength.

Cherie Doudle July 29, 2017

I love butterfly pose while doing restorative yoga, it’s great for release

Tracey Cabrera July 28, 2017

I love supta baddha konasana as I love the way it gently opens hips and heart, I love it especially lying over a bolster for 5 minutes ???

Linda Williams July 28, 2017

I love side crow. finding that balance & feeling strong;) bliss

Thea July 28, 2017

Floating Half Moon pose lifts my off the mat, away from the everyday and into the extraordinary.

Fi Morrison July 27, 2017

This goddess loves pigeon pose with the juicy hip stretch!

Jane Kinkade July 27, 2017

Astavakrasana is without fail my favourite asana. I went through some really tough times and choose to become celibate and then discovered this pose and its connection with celibacy! Was totally fitting for my circumstance! <3

Robyn July 27, 2017

Childs pose

Jacqueline White July 27, 2017

For the last year i have suffered chronic stress, moved countries, end of a relationship, end of more relationships as i reestablish boundaries. Yoga has helped me when days are to tough.

Brooke Krawczyk July 27, 2017

Childs pose is definitely my favourite.

Leanne Zuill July 27, 2017

Looove love triangle pose – or trikonasana.. endless benefits for us goddesses ???

Sammi Farrar July 26, 2017

This sounds like heaven. Thank you for offering. My favourite yoga pose is savasana ✨

Anne Smith July 26, 2017

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