Eco Luxe Magic Carpet Paisley Turquoise


We are so excited to share with you our Eco Luxe Magic Carpet Paisley Yoga Mat in Turquoise!  This has got to be one of our most beautiful Yoga Mats in our family!  The base layer is crafted from Natural Tree Rubber and the top layer is a microfibre suede fabric that is produced using Recycled Plastic Bottles!  How amazing!

The top layer has a non slip coating so you will remain in place in your postures.  We worked tirelessly to create just the right magical mix of Turquoise colour ways for thie beautiful Paisley Magic Carpet Yoga Mat.

You will receive a FREE Mat Carry Strap with your Eco Luxe Paisley Yoga Mat.

No nasty chemicals or phylates are used in the creation of this gorgeous Yoga Mat!


61cm x 173cm x 3.5mm

Weight 2 kilos

Base layer Natural Tree Rubber

Upper layer microfibre suede

Microfibre suede is crafted using Recycled Plastic Bottles

Free Mat Carry Strap

No nasty chemicals or phylates used in our Eco Luxe Yoga Mats

Adorned with original artwork

Perfect for the strongest Yoga Practice or Hot Yoga


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