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Yoga Mat Bags

We love to carry our beloved yoga mats in our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags. They are full of love and extremely practical. 100% cotton and designed to fit one or two of our Divine Goddess Yoga Mats within!!

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Let's start with the design. They're sized to comfortably hold most types of yoga mats including our own range of divine yoga mats. On the side of the bag is a pocket that will hold a yoga eye pillow, or other small essential items like keys and money. The length of the strap is adjustable so that, whether you're tall or short, the bag can be easily carried when slung over your shoulder, across your back, or hanging from your wrist. The Divine Goddess yoga mat bags are made from 100% cotton drill, a sturdy durable natural fabric that's fully machine-washable.

But a Divine Goddess yoga bag is much more than mere practical gismo. It comes in eight colours, from sweet and restful teal blue or pale pink to vibrant luscious purple or orange. And there's still more - each yoga bag is printed with a message! There are fun statements like "I Love Yoga", single words like "Passion" or "Joy", or more subtle messages in inscribed lotus symbols, or Buddha, Ganesha and Lakshmi mandalas.

Your yoga mat bag will do more than make carrying your mat easy - it will show the world your passion for the timeless, life-enhancing art of yoga.

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  • Code bagblueganesha

    Mat Bag Blue Ganesha
  • Code matbagblackbracelet

    Mat Bag Black Bracelet
  • Code matbaglilaclotus

    Mat Bag Lilac Lotus
  • Code matbagburgundydorje

    Mat Bag Burgundy Dorje
  • Code matbagburgbracelet

    Mat Bag Burgundy Bracelet
  • Code matbagshivared

    Mat Bag Red Shiva Mandala
  • Code matbaglacklotusohmfoil

    Mat Bag Lotus Ohm Black Gold
  • Code matbagganeshafoilblue

    Mat Bag Blue Ganesha Foil
  • Code matbaglotusgold

    Mat Bag Lotus Ohm Red Gold
  • Code matbagrflotus

    Mat Bag Red Foil Lotus
  • Code matbagshivablue

    Mat Bag Blue Shiva Mandala
  • Code matbagblackdorje

    Mat Bag Black Dorje
  • Code bagpurpbuddha

    Mat Bag Purple Buddha
  • Code bagorangeganesha

    Mat Bag Orange Ganesha
  • Code matpurpleganeshabag

    Mat Bag Purple Ganesha
  • Code bagpinklotus

    Mat Bag Pink Lotus
  • Code matbagblfolotus

    Mat Bag Black Foil Lotus
  • Code matbagrgan

    Mat Bag Red Ganesha
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