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Yoga Jewellery

Traditionally, ‘malas’ are used by yogis to help count the number of mantras in a session of meditation, with mala necklaces containing 108 beads while the wrist bracelets contain 27 beads. Holy Rudraksha Seeds are said to represent the tears shed by the God Shiva, and impart compassion, understanding and integrity. Divine Goddess Rudraksha yoga jewellery is strung with beads made from these sacred seeds.

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In some pieces the seeds are combined with gemstones thought to have positive spiritual and healing properties, for example rose which signifies love, or turquoise which is said to strengthen the body and protect the wearer during journeys. The holy Rudraksha seeds have a pleasant earthy quality that is enhanced by the colours and textures of the gemstones.

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The Divine Goddess range of silver yoga jewellery is a stunning collection of pendants in sterling silver hung on black leather. Each beautiful item in this collection has been skillfully handcrafted by an artisan, and the pendants depict mandalas and yogic symbols such as Ohm, Krishna, Prosperity Buddha, and Nirvana.

Each of our simple pearl stretch bracelets has a single row of pearls and a heart or peace emblem, imparting to the wearer the purity symbolised by pearls and inspiring the love or peace represented by the silver emblem.

Yoga jewellery and mala beads from Divine Goddess are much more than a funky fashion accessory - they're a perfect expression of your commitment to this magical spiritual journey. Shop online with Divine Goddess today!

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