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Yoga Accessories

Divine Goddess Yoga Accessories are as beautiful as the rest of our divine range. Yoga straps assist us in firstly achieving and then maintaining the correct alignment and position. They enable us to reach for lotus when we would otherwise not find our way there. A little helping hand sometimes is all we need. ... read more... read more

The Iyengar method uses blocks and straps regularly as they focus on the correct position and alignment before all else. Why not have beautiful yoga accessories say we at Divine Goddess. Our yoga straps are manufactured from 100% cotton. Favoring mother earth is the greatest gift we can give to the future generations. Beauty and elegance and an awareness of the planet. Divine work. Our blocks will assist you in your yoga practice when you need it. Supporting the spine when you are beginning to tire and lifting the knees when the floor seems just too far away. We love to practice yoga at Divine Goddess. We feel that everyone is welcome to make it to the mat. Sometimes yoga blocks and yoga straps can become your best friend. Recovering from an injury we often need assistance. To find a way to practice without needing a teacher everytime, your block and strap can become your best friend. Divine Goddess, on and off the mat the only way to travel. If you are looking for one of our quality yoga mats, follow the link and buy online.

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  • Code roundbolster

    Round Bolsters
  • Code rectanglebolster

    Rectangle Bolsters
  • Code matcarrystrapdivinegoddess

    Mat Carry Strap Divine Goddess
  • Code subwaybahktisrasalila

    Subway Bhaktis Music Cd Rasa Lila
  • Code subwaybhaktisitaram

    Subway Bhaktis Music Cd Sita Ram

    Love Wheel
  • Code blockblueohm

    Yoga Block Blue Ohm
  • Code blockpurpleyantra

    Yoga Block Purple Yantra
  • Code strapink

    Yoga Strap Pinkey
  • Code strapscarlet

    Yoga Strap Deep Scarlet
  • Code blockbluelotus

    Yoga Block Blue Lotus
  • Code blockblueohmlotus

    Yoga Block Blue Ohm Lotus
  • Code blockblueyantra

    Yoga Block Blue Yantra
  • Code blockpurpleohmlotus

    Yoga Block Purple Ohm Lotus
  • Code matcarrystrapurple

    Yoga Mat Carry Strap Purple
  • Code matcarrystrapblack

    Yoga Mat Carry Strap Black
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