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Silver Jewelry

The Goddess has always been adorned with jewellery. It represents the beauty and the grace of the women wearing it. At Divine Goddess we love and cherish all the jewellery we offer our customers. The Sterling Silver collection we bring to you is hand made by skilled artisans. Each piece lovingly worked on until the jeweller is happy with the finished product. ... read more... read more

We bring to you the welcome attributes of Saraswati, the Goddess of creativity, music and education. Ganesha dances happily on the end of a silver chain. Our Mantra Pendants work as a prayer wheel does. Dripping the qualities of the timeless and sacred mantras for gods, goddesses, Budhist and Hindu alike. A percentage of the sales of our silver jewellery goes towards helping to build and maintain a school for children in Ubud, Bali that would otherwise not receive an education. We feel certain you will be as happy as we are to maintain that kind of work in these times. Adorn yourself in the beauty that is the Divine Goddess Silver Jewellery Collection. Abundant, perfect and enticing

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    Mantra Pendant Shiva
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    Ohm Pendant
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    Mandala Filigree
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    Saraswati Pendant
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