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Satya Jewelery Necklaces

Satya Jewelry is manufactured by hand in New York City. We at Divine Goddess are extremely proud to offer to you, our beloved and conscious customers the hand worked on necklaces at Satya Jewelry is so well known for. Manufactured in Sterling Silver and 24kt Gold Vermeil. These pieces are breaktaking in their beauty and simplicity. ... read more... read more

These pieces use symbology from around the world. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance brings her grace and blessings to all her wear her. Ganesha, the God who removes obstacles in the path to our success sits happily on the chains Satya uses for all their necklaces. These are a gentle way to remind ourselves of the potential we all have to change old patterns and habits in our lives. Reminding ourselves that it is indeed us, the wearers of these beautiful pieces that change the world is perfect. Semi-precious stones are used in all Satya necklaces. These are chosen for their spiritual qualities and the beauty they give off. Ruby is the stone of passion. It brings spiritual health, wealth and wisdom. Wear it not only for its beauty but the reminder that beauty begins with ourselves. Manufactured by hand, our Satya Jewelry Necklaces are of a very high quality. All pendants in the Satya Jewelry range are manufactured using the age old wax method. This allows the pieces to be assessed for their beauty and quality individually and with high integrity. Satya Jewelry has begun a non-profit organisation that gives to charities throughout the world helping children find peace and fulfillment. Divine Goddess is extremely proud to be involved with Satya Jewelry and we wish you a beautiful and abundant shopping experience. Enjoy!!

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