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We wear our jewellery to remind us of the importance and the tradition that yoga carries with it. All of our jewellery available at Divine Goddess is manufactured totally by hand. With love in their heart, our artisans work on each piece of jewellery until it reflects the exact nature of yoga. Ancient wisdom, protected by good deeds and an open heart. ... read more... read more

We have a huge range of necklaces on offer at Divine Goddess. Sterling silver manufactured for us in Ubud, Bali. A precious island known as the Island of the Gods for the powerful tradition it holds and the magical energy carried by the people. Our sterling silver pendants and necklaces represent hours of hard work by the artisans. Just as we do on the yoga mat. Practice makes perfect and our silver wear is nearly perfect indeed. Ohm symbols, Ganesha pendants, Laskshmi the goddess of Prosperity. All coming together to remind us of the importance of positive thought and compassionate actions. Rudraksha malas are hand created for us by women in a traditional manner. 108 beads on all the necklaces. These seeds calm the mind, cool the body and increase our capacity for compassion. Gemstones adorn these mala necklaces. They will last generations and are a perfect piece to hand down to children and gift to special people. Jewellery making is a time honoured tradition. We enjoy to wear beautiful things for a reason. Divine guidance brought to you from Divine Goddess.

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  • Code CNG0122-OM-L18

    Ohm Square Necklace
  • Code ng119a-36-l18b

    Gold Ruby Heart Necklace
  • Code mt254-65-lpt-tq

    Rudraksha Mala Turquoise Gold
  • Code mantrashiva

    Mantra Pendant Shiva
  • Code ohmp

    Ohm Pendant
  • Code filimand

    Mandala Filigree
  • Code saraswpen

    Saraswati Pendant
  • Code rudraksha-mala-carnelian

    Rudraksha Mala Carnelian
  • Code rudranipearl

    Rudrani Pearl Mala
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