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Long Sleeve Yoga Tops/jackets

When the temperature drops we still like to look good. On the way to and from class we life to feel comfortable and able to move. ... read more... read more

Divine Goddess took all of these desires into account when designing our Long Sleeve Tops Range. Designed from natural fibres. Just because the sleeves are long and the weather is cooler you do not need to sacrifice style and quality. We use Rayon Lycra from the Cotton Plant and Cotton straight from the plant itself. We like to begin our practice with a divine Long Sleeve Top from Divine Goddess and easily discard it as our body heat increases and we are really ready to move. Wrap around tops, simple Long Sleeves and the quintessential Hoody take pride of place in the Divine Goddess Long Sleeve Wardrobe. All of our Long Sleeve Tops are tested and tried before they join our family. We want to be able to wash and wash them without losing shape, colour or beauty. Our It's a Girl is a wonderful style to wear. Perfect for everyday use, with jeans or a skirt or just as at home on the mat. Why not look delightful when the winter comes calling. We wear our Divine Goddess Long Sleeve Tops with all of our casual wear, day and night. Take a chance and see what we have. Beautiful, rich colours in simple and natural styles. The Goddess in you will be awakened and you are sure to be feeling fabulous on and off the mat!!

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