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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

The Divine Goddess Full Length Women's top range is splendid and stunning. We work where possible with natural fibres. Most of the Full Length Women's Tops are manufactured from rayon lycra. This is a natural fibre that is sourced from the cotton plant. This allows the fabric to be very strong. It also allows the fabric to feel so soft on the body. Stretch is provided by elastane which works so well with this natural fibre. ... read more... read more

Our colours are individual and divine. We choose each colour built on energy and love and dye our fabric each and every time. You will not find our colours used anywhere else in the world. This allows the colours to change slightly with every production we do. Simple and divine. The Full Length Women's Top range all have the in built shelf bra factor. This is wonderful as it allows the Goddess to wear only one top and feel free. The liberation of needing only one top to wear to practice is delightful. Easy to wear and easy to practice. We take the time to test each and every top in our collection before we add them to our team. I personally make sure that everything stays covered. When either in headstand or chatauranga we want nothing to escape at all. You can be assured of top quality and good feeling when you are wearing a Divine Goddess Full Length Women's Top. Machine washing is simple and quick with our clothing. A gentle wash is perfect for Divine Goddess Full Length Women's Tops. Hanging on the line is all you will need to do, no clothes dryers for us please.

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