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Full Length Yoga Pants

At Divine Goddess we understand and know that women come in all shapes and sizes. Many different women like many different types of pants. With this in mind we have created a fantastic range of women's pants that will be sure to please many different types of women, or Goddesses as we like to call them. ... read more... read more

These products reach the full length down to the ankle, affording a look that elongates the leg. Most practicing yogis and all women in general love this! Our full length yoga pants are also made with a wide waist band that rolls over, providing great support for the stomach, and rayon Lycra material for ultimate comfort.

We believe that the practice of yoga is sacred and divine, and feel that your clothing should reflect that. That's why our red, black, purple and other coloured products are pleasing to the eye and the back pocket! Buy full length yoga pants online from the experts at Divine Goddess, and discover why our merchandise is the best for a range of exercises!

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