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We are very pleased at Divine Goddess to bring to you the work of Satya Jewellery. Yogically inspired jewellery that is made in New York City. Delicate and pleasant reminders for all of us about how delightful, heart felt and profound is the practice of yoga. ... read more... read more

This jewellery is made by hand. Brass, sterling silver and 24 carat gold sit together. Earrings to awaken the senses. Earrings to brighten the soul. Ganesha sits with turquoise, rubies and emeralds. High quality gemstones are hand worked on and then shaped into mesmerizing spheres that capture the light. Lakshmi, Buddha, Goddess Tara. All of these deighties work with us to help us to attain the best quality of ourselves possible. Satya Jewellery gives a percentage of all of the profits of their sales to various childrens charities around the world. This is a worthy work and we at Divine Goddess are very happy to work with them. Children need our help and we are happy to give it. Satya Jewellery make limited edition runs of their jewellery. Purchase it when you see it, or it can be gone and gone forever. The delight is that not everyone will have the same earrings as you. Take your time and choose well. These pieces will stand the test of time and beauty. Now enjoy them for yourself

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    Gold Hoops Of Garnet
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    Gold Ball Hoops
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    Hamsa Gold Studs
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