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Divine Goddess Candles

It has always been a dream of mine to create my own line of stunningly beautiful, hand crafted candles. Candles are the gift of light. Light dispels darkness and helps us to live in our own truth. Divine Goddess Candles are hand made in the hills of Byron Bay. We meticuously chose and design each piece to soothe the senses and uplift the spirit. Essential oils are the basis for the scents in our candles. Thee oils are 100% natural and allow the essence of Divine Goddess to fill your room and open your heart.

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Soy Wax candles when created using essential oils allow the candles to burn for a longer period as the mixture is so pure. There are no stabilisers in our candles. There will be no paraffin or petroleum found in a Divine Goddess candle. We want your light experience to feel divine and take some time. So we did just that. Testing each scent for the feeling is brought us and discovering slight changes that would suit our customers better. We love the feeling of burning a candle and letting the world slip by and we wanted your, our beloveds, to feel just the same. All of our scents are original. You will not find this blend anywhere else in the world. Our fragrant oils are a natural derivative of plants. Most fragrant oils usually include petrochemicals which are carcinogenic. This is the last thing we wish to be involved in so Divine Goddess candles are natural, pure and full of love. Take the time from your day to bring a little light into your world. Sitting in front of your altar or resting in the bath, Divine Goddess candles are designed to fill your senses with the light of the universe. If you believe you can make things happen, they will. Use light to remind yourself that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams and that your dreams are simply there to help you on the path. All we wish for and all we can be is possible, it is right there. make it happen. Burn a candle and remind yourself. YOU can do anything. Join us, its only practice you know........... LOVE.............

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