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Bracelets first came about as a tool for adornment of Goddesses throughout time. We believe that all women are Divine Goddesses. We offer beautiful bracelets made from pearl, rudraksha seeds and sterling silver beads. ... read more... read more

Rudraksha seeds are grown on the sacred Rudraksha tree. They impart compassion and understanding to the wearer. Our Rudraksha bracelets are made by hand, doused in love and will delight most yogis and yoginis. Gemstones adorn these bracelets. Garnet, pearl, carnelian, turquoise and 22 carat gold over sterling silver. You will love to wear these precious and long lasting bracelets. Our sterling silver bracelets are worn on a leather cord. These are unusual and depict lotus flowers, symbolises new beginnings and the deepening of true faith. Bracelets from Divine Goddess are an excellent opportunity to remind yourself why you are practicing yoga. Increasing your capacity for compassion and looking beautiful at the same time

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    Pearl Gold Rudrani
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    Amythyst Rudrani
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    Chalsedony Rudrani
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    Lava Rudrani
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    Rose Quartz Rudrani
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    Rose Quartz Gold
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