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Blocks, Straps, Blankets, Bolsters, Carry Straps

We know that Yoga Accessories help us to attain the postures that are not always accessible without them.  We have created a very beautiful yet extremely functional range of Yoga Blocks, Yoga Straps, Mat Carry Straps and Bolster just for you.

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Yoga Straps in a variety of colours are all made with 100% cotton.  These are 2.5 metres long and we use a very high quality and extremely durable D Ring for maintaining a good grip.

Yoga Blocks can be a yogis best friend.  Ours are light weight and beautiful.  We offer them in plain colours but we have also created a range of Yoga Blocks that are adorned with beautiful images that awaken the heart and remind us of all that we are.

Bolsters are divine!  We love them but we couldnt find a range that were as beautiful as we like them.  We set about creating our own styles and we love them.  We offer them in 3 different styles.  The Meditation Cushion is a half moon shape and we made these in many colours.  The Oblong Bolster is our middle bolster.  It allows a good support in the Lotus Posture which is difficult for some of us.  The Round Bolster is our largest one on offer.  Perfect for people that need to sit a little higher or amazing for lying back and opening the chest.  These are all manufactured from 100% cotton for the cover and 100% cotton for the inner.  Natural fibres coming together to create help and support during our yoga practice.

We also love to carry our mats with a carry strap.  These are quick and simple and great for people that dont want to use our Yoga Mat Bags

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  • Code roundbolster

    Round Bolsters
  • Code rectanglebolster

    Rectangle Bolsters
  • Code matcarrystrapdivinegoddess

    Mat Carry Strap Divine Goddess

    Love Wheel
  • Code blockblueohm

    Yoga Block Blue Ohm
  • Code blockpurpleyantra

    Yoga Block Purple Yantra
  • Code strapink

    Yoga Strap Pinkey
  • Code strapscarlet

    Yoga Strap Deep Scarlet
  • Code blockbluelotus

    Yoga Block Blue Lotus
  • Code blockblueohmlotus

    Yoga Block Blue Ohm Lotus
  • Code blockblueyantra

    Yoga Block Blue Yantra
  • Code blockpurpleohmlotus

    Yoga Block Purple Ohm Lotus
  • Code matcarrystrapurple

    Yoga Mat Carry Strap Purple
  • Code matcarrystrapblack

    Yoga Mat Carry Strap Black
  • Code blockpurlotus

    Yoga Block Purple Lotus
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