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Ananda Soul Creations

We are very proud and feeling extremely blessed to be able to share the delights of Ananda Soul Creation jewellery with you, our divine customers.

Created by a beautiful and stunning lady with love in her heart and a desire to spread the wonderment of how beautiful women really are!

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We are very pleased to be able to bring to you the stunning jewellery collection of Ananda Soul Creations.

This jewellery is manufactured from gold vermeil, sterling silver and crafted together on the exquisite island of Bali.

Christina, the founder, designer and dream maker believes that all women are beautiful.  So do we at Divine Goddess so we are thrilled to be in collaboration with her.

Designs based on the goodness of mankind and working with charities in Bali that help save children from the long life of poverty, we LOVE this jewellery and feel sure you will too!

Bringing the light of a well made piece of jewellery to life and combining with the honest understanding that we are all good and capable of making great magic and great lives.

Join us in our Love for this jewellery collection and lets spread the word of Ananda Soul Creations.


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