Yoga Towel Starburst Lilac


The Divine Goddess Yoga Towel Collection is one of our newest favourites.

We created an extremely lightweight Yoga Towel for you that is perfect for nearly all styles of Yoga Practice.  We create much inner heat when we practice yoga and particularly in summer.  This Yoga Towel is perfect for lying on top of your Yoga Mat and taking the slip out of life.

We have collaborated with an original artist to create an artwork that is a delight to the senses whilst also providing excellent grip and beauty.

The Lilac design and utterly divine!  We were surprised how beautiful we found this artwork to practice upon.

Sizing is 61cm x 173cm.

Please take the time to wash in cold water and line dry under the suns rays.

This is an extremely light weight Yoga Towel which makes it a pleasure to take to class and super easy to take travelling with you.

Take one home today!


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