Yoga Strap Princess Purple

Colour: Purple

We love to practice yoga at Divine Goddess.  There are many different styles of yoga and these differing styles use various props and helpers.  Yoga Straps are just that.  Designed with love and care to help you into position when your body may not be as accomodating as you may wish.  Holding the position for a little longer to allow the body to open to this place is possible when using a strap.

Adjustments by a teacher are divine but a helping hand from your yoga strap can be just as good.  The possibility of self practice even when it is challenging becomes available.

Divine Goddess Yoga Straps are made from 100% cotton.  They are 2.5 metres long and have a high quality D ring for a clasp.

This is a high quality and very hardy and durable product.  Love to practice yoga, love to live life

Even princesses practice yoga and when they need a hand they choose the Divine Goddess Yoga Strap in Princess Purple.  Sweet, beautiful and fully functional.  Take yours into class right now!!


100% Cotton

high quality D Ring

Divine Goddess label very beautiful


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