Yoga Strap Beautiful Blue

Colour: Blue

This Divine Goddess Yoga Strap will become your best friend.  Easy on the earth, it is manufactured from 100% cotton.  It is 2.5 metres long with a high standard D ring at the end.

Yoga Straps helps us to find and maintain the asana position when it is not necessarily easy for us to do.  Lotus becomes possible or a little closer with a helping hand from your yoga strap.  It is possible stay in the desired position a little longer and allow the body to open to the position when you use a yoga strap.

Our Divine Goddess lotus flower sits happily reminding us that new beginnings are possible and yoga can help us to achieve them.  We love the energy created when the blue of this lovely Yoga Strap mixes with the blue of our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower.  Deep colour and living in the light, perfect for an awakened yogi!

This is a very high quality yoga strap.  It will work with you if you work with it.

Enjoy your yoga


100% Cotton

high quality D Ring

Divine Goddess label very beautiful


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