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Yoga Strap Deep Scarlet

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We bring to you another Divine Goddess Yoga Strap.  We believe that Yoga Straps help a practitioner achieve alignment and symmetry in postures that may otherwise not be possible.  They are a helping hand when the body is not quite ready.

We feel that touching the toes or finding balance in lotus posture can be helped so much by the use of a Yoga Strap.

We this kindness in mind we set about creating for you the most beautiful and environmentally friendly Yoga Straps we could.  Manufactured in 100% cotton and hand dyed to our strict colour specifications we bring to you the Divine Goddess Yoga Strap collection.

This is a totally divine colour.  Rich, luscious and ready to fill the soul!

We have included our own beloved Lotus Flower on the top so you know you have the Divine Goddess protection we aim for.

We have used a very high quality and durable D Ring for the clasp and this provides excellent grip and allows for the practitioner to remain in the posture for as many breaths or as long as they would like.

This Yoga Strap is 2.5m long, perfect for all shapes.

This is a very good quality Yoga Strap and we love the essence and the belief that follows it.

Yoga provides for an excellent life journey and your new Divine Goddess Yoga Strap will accompany you on that journey.


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